How to Clicker Train a Dog 101

How to clicker train a dog

Have you wondered how to clicker train a dog? All you need is a clicker, a little plastic box that makes a “click” sound and is readily available in pet stores or online, and some treats or another high-value reward. Teach your dog that the click means he did something right, and then start working … Read more

How to Pick a Great Puppy Training Class

German Shepard in puppy training class

With so many puppy training services popping out all over the web, it can be difficult to pick a reliable one that also meets your needs and expectations. So how do you choose a puppy training class? When searching for the right puppy training class, there are several things to take into account. You’ll need … Read more

What’s the Best Dog Food for Cushing’s Disease?

Find the best dog food for Cushing's disease

If your dog is gaining weight, has thin skin, and developing a potbelly then you may need to schedule an appointment to rule out Cushing’s disease. There are many symptoms but these are red flags and you may see them develop over time. If your dog is diagnosed with this disease then you may be … Read more

What To Feed a Dog With Cancer Who Won’t Eat?

What should you feed a dog with cancer who won't eat

Nutrition and diet play a crucial role in cancer patients, and dogs are no exception. After your dog is diagnosed, you should work directly with your oncologist, veterinarian, or integrative vet on what to feed a dog with cancer who won’t eat. Ensuring your dog is getting enough nutrition is one of the most important … Read more